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"He who wants to improve finds the way
He who does not - finds the reasons."
- Proverb

"I started training with Michael in the Summer of 2008.  My friend had been taking his classes for a long time, and once she began personal training sessions with him, the results were stunning. I had tried every diet and fad available. I finally got to the point where I was tired of gimmicks and realized that if I was going to lose weight I was going to have to do the work. Michael has helped me regain that motivation. Along with the exercise, his nutritional guidance has gone a long way to help me break my bad habits. Since this summer I have lost 40 pounds and am stronger and in better shape than I have been in a long time. I give Michael my highest recommendation and I cannot thank him enough!"
     - Jeremy J.

“After years of working out with various trainers, classes, and programs resulting in small changes at best, I began personal training with Michael Reeves.  In just 18 weeks my body was transformed.  Not only did I lose weight, but Michael's training defined my muscles and literally took inches off every trouble spot I'd ever had.  His diet recommendations were easy to incorporate into my lifestyle and further helped me lose 20 pounds.  I am finally living in the body I've always wanted; I am confident, strong, and happy.  Even more than the compliments and recognition, Michael has brought me peace with a lifelong struggle simply through hard work tapered exactly to my personal needs.” 
     - Donna Jo P.

“I have been taking Michael’s classes for 5 years and have not been a member of a gym since.  The transformation that my body made in a very short period of time is truly remarkable.  Michael’s classes are by far the most energetic and fun workout classes I have ever taken but even more importantly, they are the most effective.  I have taken yoga, spinning, pilates AND step aerobics and nothing has transformed my body the way 8 weeks of his classes did.  It is for that reason that I have never left Michael, I will follow him all over Los Angeles because I know that he gives it his all and he truly loves to motivate and inspire us.  I am now 3 sizes smaller and stronger than I have ever been my whole life.”
     - Elizabeth B.

I belonged to a gym for over ten years and never did I obtain the results that I have obtained by simply taking Michael’s classes.  I met Michael at the Beverly Hills Country Club and have been taking his classes ever since.  The beauty about his instruction is that he exudes energy and it is obvious that he genuinely enjoys seeing others succeed.  No matter what the cost has been to follow him, I have paid it because it has been a drop in the bucket compared to the results I get and maintain from his classes.  My mother began taking his classes two years ago & she too is now a fan because the attention he gives to his students is unlike any instructor.
     - Candice K.